Several Haiku by Stephen Page

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Fevers of the Mind

 willows droop with humid afternoon-- the cicada drone the gardener’s straw hat lifting and falling over the lilies white-haired couple hold hands upon a bench-- oak-leaf cluster at their feet breeze off the river-- in my hand a piece of sun-warmed wood brown squirrel saunters by with an acorn-- a river horn blows cool breeze-- the cicadas rasp softly then stop first of september-- sparrows gathering on a wire fence entering the park a few days after the storm-- smell the drying leaves! cool today-- monarchs gathering in the heather garden indian summer-- daises bobbing with flies and honeybees strolling at sunrise-- ginkgo leaves edged in yellow moon on top of pines twin boys in blue windbreakers walk clattering a picket fence-- sticks in different hands laughing child covered with leaves leaps back in the pile wandering the woods-- beyond an old fence a field of pumpkins hallow day-- the…

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