North of Oxford – Spring 2021 Pandemic Issue #7 – With 4 Poems by Stephen Page

North of Oxford

Dreamscape by Maria Keane
Thanks to the poets for contributing to The Pandemic Issue #7 from North of Oxford and Maria Keane for graciously providing her art. In order of appearance we present: Ray Greenblatt, Robbi Nester, Tim Suermondt, Charlie Brice, Wayne-Daniel Berard, Eileen R. Tabios, Stephen Page, Joan Mazza, Faith Paulsen, Marion Deutsche Cohen, Maria Keane, Wesley Scott McMasters, Megha Sood, Judy DeCroce, J. H. Johns, Charles Rammelkamp, Thaddeus Rutkowski, Linda Nemec Foster, Stephen Mead, James Walton, Antoni Ooto, Ethel Gofen, Michael A. Griffith, Ken Soyow and Bartholomew Barker.
Ray Greenblatt
2020 Summer
The boardwalk stretches away
straight and empty as if
          a landing strip waiting for the first plane.
Mr. Peanut exits his shop
squinches in his monocle
twirls his cane and peers
          around in disbelief.
And yet the tantalizers

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2 thoughts on “North of Oxford – Spring 2021 Pandemic Issue #7 – With 4 Poems by Stephen Page

  1. Stephen, you have knocked one (or several) out of the park here. LOVE your acerbic wit regarding “that tyrant Reginald” and his “colonies.” As for orchids, you have captured their nature perfectly. Wait, wait, and then one day…voila, a stem sporting a half-dozen blazingly festive flowers. Sort of like life when I think about it.

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    1. Thanks for the home run analogy, and yes I love how my wife’s orchids just open up like that, and I thank you for thinking I am witty, but really, this is a work of fiction. Thanks for commenting on most of my posts. You help me much.

      Liked by 1 person

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