After Devaluation



After Devaluation

by Stephen Page
The rains never really end in Buenos Aires

But are broken only by a day of less humidity

Followed by a day or two of clear

Uozoned sun that quickly reddens the skin.


They say it never rains in sunny southern California

But unrained skies are only tolerable

Near the coast where atmospheric pressure temperates

Enough that desert does not creep cactus to the sea.


Patagonia is a voluminous place to truck

If bottled water carries thirst away

And sandy air doesn’t scrub the throat

Like oversalted lamb jerky.


Beef is best from Las Pampas

Where cows roam grassly fed

Unencumbered by wooden stocks

And biled ochre corn slop:


I wish my oversea letters would arrive,

And ink cartridges did not cost a fortune.


After Devaluation After Devaluation
#ZygoteInMyCoffee #devaluation #poem #story @SmpageSteve #Patagonia #rain

#ZygoteInMyCoffee #devaluation #poem #story @SmpageSteve #Patagonia #rain

One thought on “After Devaluation

  1. After Devaluation immediately brought to mind the disintegration of the middle class and the diminished purchasing power of workers plus reduced wages by government policies and exploitation of the megacorps and megabanks . On top of that the right to vote in America is a mere illusion of democracy.


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