the light rain

Hi, Stephen.

Finding the envelope with A Ranch Bordering the Salty River in the mail box this afternoon brought a smile to my face. I opened it at random as I like to do with poems to see if the page I land on has one that makes any connection: “Today, Yesterday, Waiting” had that connection I hoped for. The matter-of-fact lines—the calf born dead to the yardkeeper’s repetitive work to the light rain and the gaucho holding his palm for more–generate an unexpected lyricism. 

Thanks so much for sending us your book. I look forward to reading the poems in order.

E, S & I enjoyed our days in Mendoza and the vineyards of the region. Mendoza’s a pretty, easy-going little city (I was sorry to see the Mendoza River was dry—hope they’ll have the rain they need for the grapes). 

Please keep in touch. 

Yours in poetry,


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