Heron Clan VIII Anthology with a Poem by Stephen Page

Stephen Page has just had a poem published in Heron Clan VIII.

Order a copy if you like:


Thanks Doug – You may also order copies from Doug Stuber at katherinejamesbooks@gmail.com

Beauty in the Aftermath: A Creative Call to Action — Nancy Stohlman

Are you feeling the shift? Something in the water these last few weeks… unfamiliar frequencies, extra static that you can’t quite put your finger on? A cautious shift into…joy? Hesitancy? Both?

Beauty in the Aftermath: A Creative Call to Action — Nancy Stohlman

Far From Glorious Feeling by Avni Vyas

Read part of the cross/genre chapbook here:


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Avni Vyas (she/her) is the author of Little God (Burrow Press 2021), Far From Glorious Feeling (The Offending Adam, 2021), and co-author of Candy In Our Brains(CutBank 2014). She serves as the Essays editor for Honey Literary and poetry editor at The Offending Adam. Her work has been published in journals such as MeridianGristConjunctionsThird CoastJuked, and others. She teaches in the Writing Program at New College of Florida. You can visit her on Instagram(@singstooloud) and Twitter (@AvniDangerfield).

RED WING — Barnes and Noble — Rustin Larson

Thanks to the following journals which originally published some of these stories: Wapsipinicon Almanac: “Red Wing,” “Lola,” “The Third King,” “Jules”Delmarva Review: “Einstein”Tower Journal: “God, Snow, and the Reverend Huhok”The Iowa Source: “Pizza Buffet,” “Five Stories,” “Yellow Impala,” “The Incomplete History of the Village of Orilla” “The Incomplete History of the Village of Orilla” also […]

RED WING — Barnes and Noble — Rustin Larson

And Now This

Fictive Dream

by Cathy Cruise

This was not some weird-ass TV show. It was no sci-fi movie either. I opened up the back door and there were hummingbirds. Diving all around, their little straw beaks poking into the air, their wings beating fast as rotor blades. Faster.

‘Close it!’ my wife yelled. And I tried, but too late. One of them got into the house. It was blue, bright as a cornflower, and zapped around the kitchen, bashing into walls and falling, then buzzing up again and slamming into the ceiling, knocking little bits of popcorn stipple onto the floor. It sounded like a high-powered fan. A squeaky one.

‘What the…?’ Becky said. ‘Why’d you let it in?’

‘Well now, I don’t know!’ I was mad as shit. ‘Thought we’d stir things up around here.’ We’d been fighting all day and now this.

She grabbed a newspaper off the table. There…

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I can see from the writings of various bloggers that the pandemic did, despite its horrific death toll, do a few good things: families getting to know each other again (maybe too much?), learning to relax and enjoy quiet time (if you don’t have five children), reconnecting with nature, learning to bake/cook or just doing more of it, finding out what your children are really learning at school (and having to relearn it to teach them).

I’ve been baking

Hubs and I are retired with my daughter and her husband living nearby, but my son is in Utah. We haven’t seen him in nearly two years now. Bummer. We were blessed with our first grandchild, Eli, just before the state shut down, and he kept us happy for the past year.

What the pandemic did for us is force us allow us to clean out our home of 35 years…

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Ruminate Magazine Editor – Employment Opportunity

Creative Writing Contests

Ends on June 15, 2021


Founded in 2006, Ruminate is committed to cultivating authenticity through nourishing conversations while spiritually sustaining life together through action & art. We do this by publishing an award-winning quarterly literary arts print magazine, Ruminate Magazine, hosting our online publication, The Waking, and serving our local and broader community through online and in person events.


The Editor will uphold Ruminate’s mission of supporting our community of artists, seekers, and readers seeking spiritually nourishing conversations, and will develop and maintain a long-term editorial strategy that continues the high editorial standards and Ruminate’s distinctive contemplative sensibility. The Editor will prioritize expanding the range of editorial and contributor voices to reflect a growing and changing audience and will continue to grow Ruminate’s audience beyond its original roots in the Christian community by pursuing new networking and relationship opportunities.

Reporting to the Conservator of Ruminate, the Editor is responsible…

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