A Ranch Bordering The Salty River goes into Second Printing



The response to your recent chapbook has been phenomenal! We have to do a second printing because the demand has exceeded your original pressrun of 500 copies. 


Thank you,



Managing Editor

Finishing Line Press
Finishing Line Press Stephen Page Amazon.com Barnes & Noble A Ranch Bordering the Salty River #ranching #farming #ecoRanching #ecoFarming #gauchos #livestock #horsethieves #cattleRustlers #malingerers #WildWest #Sheriff #nature #saveOurTrees #saveOurPlanet #StephenPage #aRanchBorderingTheSaltyRiver 


15 thoughts on “A Ranch Bordering The Salty River goes into Second Printing

      1. That’s true, there are a lot of positives, but I really want to see the world. I feel restless, ads I have not really been anywhere else. I know there is more to the world, and I would love to see it.

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