Save Our Trees – Blurb by Chip Livingston

Save Our Trees / Work With the Earth / Wildlife Refuge/ Support Local Flora and Fauna/ “A Ranch Bordering the Salty River” is still available for preorder at Finishing Line Press

“Enter the myth” of Stephen Page’s Argentine estancia of moonrings and mate in this love letter to a woman and her land from a former soldier who has “holstered (his) gun and sheathed / (his) knife and got down to the business / of grass.” A Ranch Bordering The Salty River is a beautiful meditation on counting and “uncounting,” of “eucalypti and sycamores,” cattle and cattle thieves, yard hands, a growing family, trials, blessings, legends, and of overseeing a wooded eco-ranch.
– Chip Livingston, author of Naming Ceremony and Crow-Blue, Crow-Black
Follow the link here:
Or google Stephen Page Finishing Line Press
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