brass bell: a haiku journal: Colorful Haiku

Colurful Haiku on brass bell

Curated by Zee Zahava
with 2 poems by Stephen Page

chalked upon the sidewalk

the name “macbeth” —

a black ant marches across

 – Stephen Page
high above the weeds

closer to the sun, white

yucca plant flowers

 – Stephen Page

#haiku #zeeZahava #brassBell #stephenPage
Thanks Zee and congrats on your new book, “here i am.”

6 thoughts on “brass bell: a haiku journal: Colorful Haiku

  1. Interesting post. It’s amazing what those little critters can do. Thank for the follow. We would love some of your feedback. If you come to Gastradamus and a comment, than we would be more than happy to promote your blog. Infant rice is the new kid on the block

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  2. Haiku is an interesting form of poetry. I have never quite understood it and it is not really my form of writing. I am not sure what my form of writing really is. I simply write. BUT, your use of the form causes the words to evoke scenes that bring about thought and questions and that I guess is the simple power of the form and the need for simplicity is restrictive but therein lies the strength. You do well.

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