Black Lives Matter – Moonstone Arts Center

The Black Lives Matter 2020 Anthology contains poems from 32 contributors. Check our website for the list of those whose poetry is included. 33 poets respond in two volumns
$15.00 (978-1-946150-73-8) Order At: 

Contributors: Joy Alford, Dee Allen, Matilida Bray, Kamaria Delaney, Yves Marie Desir, Minna Duchovnay, Runett Ebo, William Foster, Shannon Frost Greenstein, Linda Goss, Steven Halpern, MaryAnn Miller, Stephen Page, Hermond Palmer, Susana Praver-Perez, George Schaefer, Jordan Webber, Kelley White, & Florence Woods.

With a flash ficiton piece by Stephen Page included. Here is a preview:

Full Moon

            I hear a noise at the bedroom window, like a click of metal upon metal. I rise from my marriage bed, my wife is yet sleeping soundly, breathing evenly and lightly. I open the shutters. I see a ghost, a phantom, a misty female human form floating in the night air with her hand upon our sliding glass window handle.  I shake my head no, and the mist rattles the window more vigorously, making an even louder metal clicking noise. I look to my wife, but she hasn’t stirred. I put my hand on the window handle, look into the gray holes where her eyes should be, and shake my head no again. . .

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