More than Butterflies in the Mind, “A Ranch Bordering the Salty River” By Stephen Page, Reviewed by sharmishtha

A Ranch Bordering the Salty River

By Stephen Page

Reviewed by sharmishtha

a RamchCover.jpg

You rarely come across a poetry booklike “A Ranch Bordering the Salty River.” I was never a big fan of poetry.  Other than Tagore’s works, I have rarely read books of poetry.  Yes I have read one poem by this poet, another poem by that poet, and even written quite a few of my own, but I always felt that poems couldn´t stir me like stories do.

I do occasionally read poems when I am online, and after I started blogging I have read many poems—but they are like butterflies, they fly in view, enchant you, thrill you and then you forget them. Very few authors leave a mark on your mind—Stephen Page is one of them!

In my blogging sphere there are few such poets, Charles W. Martin ( is one of them—his and Page’s poems tell stories, stories that enter your mind, make you think and then stay in your head.

Page knows how to create vivid, lucid scenes, and then tell you a story, sometimes simple and sometimes profound! He has intricately woven human nature with day to day life on a ranch. His poetry reminds me of Louis L’ Amour—I read dozens of his books in my early twenties, and he is a great storyteller—he paints a picture of The Wild West clearly and vividly. I can see it through his eyes, and same thing happens when I read Page’s book. I still see some of the scenes.

If you love powerful poetry, this is the book for you! It is the story of a man (Jonathan), his wife (Teresa), and their dog (Dominic) living on a ranch—their daily lives, their family life, their tribulations and turbulences. A man who  became a husband and then accidentally caught up with kids and grandkids (by the marriage). Now he has family!

The poems are full of Spanish (Castellano) words and phrases, but they don’t hamper the spirit of the book, in fact they add more authenticity to it. It is a book made to be read again and again without ever getting tired! There is something very special about it, you will have to read it! I hope more and more books like this spill out of Page’s pen (or type into his keyboard) and they bring him the praise and recognition he deserves!


find the book here:


or here:


or go to your local bookstore and ask for it.

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