Beneath the Ivy

beneath the ivy
a light scratching on dried leaves–
out hops a sparrow

by stephen page

hedgerow: a journal of small poems

welcome to #115. as always, grateful to readers & contributors alike, without your continued support, this publication would not be thriving.

as mentioned last week, some fantastic work has already been accepted for the summer print issue. it is scheduled for #120. if you haven’t already read the spring print edition, it is available from wildflower poetry press —

this week features work by ai li, Gabriel Bates, Anita Virgil, Sandi Pray, Jennifer V. Gurchinoff, Dave Read, Nicholas Klacsanzky, Joy McCall, Rachel Sutcliffe, Chen-ou Liu, Peter Jastermsky, Arvinder Kaur, Kath Abela Wilson, Kala Ramesh, John Martone, Leslie McKay, Alexis Rotella, Mike Rehling, Johnny Baranski, Stephen Page, Bill Pauly, Julie Warther, Simon Hanson & Ron C. Moss

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#115 hedgerow

with love & kindness,

Caroline Skanne,
founding editor

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2 thoughts on “Beneath the Ivy

  1. I cant resist

    ivy growing
    on trees… fences… house walls
    home to many
    ivy resident
    blackbirds nest… now feeding young
    serenades at dawn
    ivy nester
    a robin pair… five nestlings
    all fledged safely
    take ivy flower nectar
    pollinators too
    hibernating site
    ivy… winter cover for
    peacock butterflies
    a parasite
    not ivy… an avid wall climber
    host to many
    holly and ivy
    seasonal bunting… yew too
    when frosted… wonders
    Ivy.. what a beaut
    accompanied by you
    jealous Holly
    dusk arrives
    hark… a duo singing
    ivy bids them sleep
    haiku… my blessing
    a stream of words like rivers
    floods the thirsty page

    Thanks for the inspiration, watch out for a pingback.

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