Cattle Rustlers Cross the Seine, Then Have Coffee on Boulevard Saint-Germain

“A Ranch Bordering the Salty River,” was seen at The Abbey Bookshop, Shakespeare & Company, the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, Café de Flore, and Les Deux Magots.


Eating Raw Meat and Other Nuances of Life by g emil reutter

What Others Say About Eating Raw Meat and Other Nuances of Life:


“g emil reutter writes the poem the way I like it – sharp, detailed imagery, paintings in black ink carved into the page – the minutiae of life under the microscope. There’s clarity and depth here in this book but there’s power too – the power to move the mind and the soul. These words are fine words. My kind of poems. They should be yours too.”

-Adrian Manning- Poet and Publisher at Concrete Meat Press


“Beneath dark shadows of maples, this watcher observes unnamed strangers and lovers beneath a generous moon, sympathetically and precisely with the eye of an oil painter.  The night turns to day, the seasons change, and the cycles renew.  A fine collection for any palate”.

– Russell Streur –  Editor, The Plum Tree Tavern


In Eating Raw Meat, g emil reutter proclaims, “I stand on the rubble that is left / of the American dream”; looking out from that prospect, he tells us, “I think of the hard working class.”  Yet, even as these poems show us hard labor and trashed dreams, reutter affirms how close attention to those lives and to the natural world serves to redeem us on this “beautiful brutal blue planet.”  “I work the / garden the way I work a poem,” he tells us; and, centered among existences, “I … listen to what they say, watch what they do and write what I can.” This attention results in poems of integrity and of beauty: “rhythm / of rain, cadence of thunder, lyrical / hissing of wind.”

-Nathalie F. Anderson

Alexander Griswold Cummins Professor of English Literature and

Director of the Program in Creative Writing

Swarthmore College


You can find the book here:

Review copies available upon request

People Matching Artworks: An Unusual Photo Series By Stefan Draschan




People Matching Artworks: An Unusual Photo Series By Stefan Draschan.

More info: Website | Instagram | Tumblr

Most of us were bored at some museum at least once in our lives – except this guy! France-based photographer Stefan Draschan always keeps himself entertained at art galleries by creating his own art projects.

One of those projects is “People matching artworks”. Although at first Draschan’s images seem perfectly staged, the secret behind them is actually patience. The photographer enjoys visiting different museums mostly in Paris, Vienna and Berlin where he waits for visitors to suddenly match with a piece of art in a funny way. The result is these humorous and unique pictures of unexpected harmony between people and the artworks they’re facing. It’s usually the outfits that match the art, but there are also people who match with the paintings because of their hair styles and colors, or…

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Review of Seeing at Night by Stephen Page | Kristine Donahue

Stephen Page, you’re in the hot seat today with Seeing at Night! (spoiler alert – don’t worry, I liked it). Check out my review below!Review of Seeing at Night by Stephen Page | Kristine Donahue
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Reading at the Theater

Here is someone holding up a post card and reading a book from one of the theater boxes at Grand Splendid Theater, which was converted sometime back to El Ateneo Grand Splendid bookstore. What beauty! What a bookstore! What a book!

El Ateneo Grand Splendid:

Post card:

And reading a copy of “A Ranch Bordering the Salty River.”

House of Chocolate (La Casita de Chocolate)

La Casita de Chocolate in Eden, Uruguay, now has a copy of “A Ranch Bordering The Salty River on its bookshelves.

In Winter, who doesn’t like hot chocolate (or perhaps a large mug of hot coffee and a slice of chocolate cake) and a good book to read.

La Casita de Chocolate en Edén, Uruguay, ahora tiene una copia de “Un rancho que bordea el río Salado en sus estanterías. En invierno, no le gusta el chocolate caliente y un buen libro para leer.

Website and location (Sitio web y ubicación) :

Book (libro) :

A Friend in Iguazú

Stephen Page’s friend, while visiting Iguazú Falls, found a copy of “A Ranch Bordering the Salty River” in the hotel library. Then, the very next day, she found a post card for “The Salty River Bleeds!”

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