Remembering Liam

a repost from Miriam O’Neal:

So pleased to have my poem, “Remembering Liam” accepted at The Literary Nest. It’s my small elegy for Liam Rector, poet, essayist, founder of The Bennington Writing Seminars, and all around raconteur:

#BenningtonMFA #AlumniBenningtonPoets

Mx. O’Neal’s website is here:

Which of Your Selves Will Tell Your Story? — johncoyote

Originally posted on Allison Marie Conway: My fingernails have grown out and I am quite pleased with the clicketty clack sounds they make whilst tapping and scratching all over the keyboard keys as I type. Sharp lengthy nails aren’t always me but for now they feel like a much needed change from the cropped stubs…

Which of Your Selves Will Tell Your Story? — johncoyote

#Poetry Publication: “New Hampshire Comfort” — Elizabeth Gauffreau

Monadnock Ledger-Transcript: Review of On and Off the Road: Poems of New Hampshire I am very pleased to share that my poem “New Hampshire Comfort” has been published in On and Off the Road: Poems of New Hampshire, an anthology of the Peterborough Poetry Project. I was thrilled when a review came out in a […]

#Poetry Publication: “New Hampshire Comfort” — Elizabeth Gauffreau

Be Kinder Than Is Necessary — amyhenrybooks

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give. ” (Winston Churchill) [Note: After all the “hilarity” of life, detailed in last month’s post, my car was repaired, I got my “pass” sticker, and the yellow jackets gave it up for 2020. But two days after that dust […]

Be Kinder Than Is Necessary — amyhenrybooks

The Mere Wife By Maria Dahvana Headley

When you read a novel as well written as The Mere Wife, you remember why you always love reading so much. From the opening paragraph, to each time you pick up the book where you left off last, you are immediately carried to the place in the book.This is the companion book to Maria Dahvana Headley’s feminist translation of Beowulf, where (in the case of the novel) Headley contemporizes the characters in the Old English epic poem/myth to suburban America where women are warriors and saviors, men are cowards and gold diggers, and innocents are casualties.

This book underlines the social prejudices that, even as they were seeming to disappear in many civilized societies, are still fracturing our humanity: Elitism, misogyny, racism, xenophobia, genocide, homophobia and the resulting violence that these ugly traits incite. Mx. Headley shows how the people pointing the fingers are the monsters, not the ones being pointed at.

Headley has a writing gift few other writers are able to receive, possess, or give.…/dp/0374208433

Maria Dahvana Headley


Farrar, Straus and Giroux