6 thoughts on “A Judge of “A Ranch Bordering the Salty River.”

  1. I finally got around to sitting with your book last night, Stephen. I must say it remains with me this morning quite profoundly.
    A Ranch Bordering the Salty River presented a lifestyle unknown to me, yet strangely familiar; the nuances of everyday life, the thoughts, checks and balances, corresponded to a lifestyle known.
    We humans experience widely diverse lives, yet the intricacies of each are tightly woven into personalities, responses and reactions understood and known, to varying shades, by all.
    You could have been narrating a tale regarding life on mars, or some other lifestyle as wide ranging and, I’m sure, would have resonated with me equally as much. The reason being: You captured the tone of being human, in the deepest sense.
    A very rich and rewarding reading experience, Stephen. Thank You.

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