Blurb by Mong-Lan for Stephen Page’s “A Ranch Bordering the Salty River.”

Blurb From Mong Lan :

Mother Nature, the world of the gauchos, bees, an Argentine ranch: with vivid accuracy and little sentimentality, Stephen Page delineates the sensibilities and life of Jonathan, a rancher. The afternoon mate taken, observations of cattle, mosquitoes, flora and fauna not only of the physical landscape, but the mental landscape of those that inhabit it, Page returns again and again to the restorative old ways of nature: “Yesterday I walked to the Wood. / Yesterday I walked back. / Yesterday I walked. Yesterday / I want to return to the Wood, / To the way it was.” 
– Mộng-Lan, author of One Thousand Minds Brimming.


Finishing Line Press

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