My Re-edification

  Synesthesia Journal

My Re-edification
by S. M. Page

here they do not honor absent-mindedness,
forgive forgetfulness,
admire the deep-in-thought academic.
here, there is no Professor of Ranch
no Dean of Land.

my degrees hang up on an unviewed wall.

here, there is only the count
and how much the workers can uncount
without notice.

S. M. Page is from Detroit, Michigan. He is the author of The Timbre of Sand and Still Dandelions. He holds two AA’s from Palomar College, a BA from Columbia University and an MFA from Bennington College. His critical essays have appeared regularly in the Buenos Aires Herald and the Fox Chase Review. He is the recipient of The Jess Cloud Memorial Prize, a Writer-in-Residence from the Montana Artists Refuge, a Full Fellowship from the Vermont Studio Center, an Imagination Grant from Cleveland State University, and an Arvon Foundation Ltd. Grant. He loves his wife, travel, family, and friends.


4 thoughts on “My Re-edification

  1. Hey Stephen, I asked you in another post where you were from in Michigan, well this post answered that one. Hello neighbor. I grew up in East Detroit, later known as Eastpointe.

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