“Transformations”, was first published in Poetry Pacific here: by Yuan Changming and is now in “A Ranch Bordering the Salty River” by Finishing Line Press. #aRanchBorderingTheSaltyRiver is still available for preorder at #FinishingLinePress here: and will be available at, Ingham Book Group, Barnes & Noble, ChaptersIndigo, and other major distributors. If you have any problem ordering the book online, you can call the bookstore directly an order over the phone here: 502-603-0670. 

Bookstores receive a 30% discount for orders of 4 or less, and a 40% discount for orders of 5 or more. Orders of 10 or more are better done over the phone. 
Book cover photo by #PatrickLemoine and cover design by #ElizabethMainesMcCleavy 
 #poetry #PoetryPacific #YuanChangming Poetry Pacific Finishing Line Press Shay McCleavy Stephen Page Christen Kincaid Elizabeth Maines McCleavy Patrick LEMOINE

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