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Stephen Page has a poem published in Thewiseowl Emag

The Jade Edition of The Wise Owl is now online:

Read Page’s poem here:

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Sonnet #3 by Stephen Page

Here is one of the poems from “The Timbre of Sand” from Stephen Page:

We rose naked from the little warm pond,

And holding hands we followed the helix road,

To a flower flooded garden encircled by trees,

And lay entangled beneath a twisted pear.

We spoke, but after vain attempts to communicate,

The tree became covered in tinsel and buds,

Which we aspired to name, but misspelled their meaning,

And dinosaurs appeared running in boxes at our feet.

We found that tea and wine warmed the spirit,

And the scent of baking bread inflamed our senses,

Yet yeast evoked memories we could not recall.

We tilled the earth and rested at night in furrows,

Discussing genealogy during meteor showers,

And ate bulbs, calmed by the envelope of stars.

Find the book online.

It may also be in one of your local libraries or bookstores.

Several Haiku by Stephen Page

Follow the link below:

Fevers of the Mind

 willows droop with humid afternoon-- the cicada drone the gardener’s straw hat lifting and falling over the lilies white-haired couple hold hands upon a bench-- oak-leaf cluster at their feet breeze off the river-- in my hand a piece of sun-warmed wood brown squirrel saunters by with an acorn-- a river horn blows cool breeze-- the cicadas rasp softly then stop first of september-- sparrows gathering on a wire fence entering the park a few days after the storm-- smell the drying leaves! cool today-- monarchs gathering in the heather garden indian summer-- daises bobbing with flies and honeybees strolling at sunrise-- ginkgo leaves edged in yellow moon on top of pines twin boys in blue windbreakers walk clattering a picket fence-- sticks in different hands laughing child covered with leaves leaps back in the pile wandering the woods-- beyond an old fence a field of pumpkins hallow day-- the…

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Researching and The Pain from my Childhood

“Researching” and “The Pain from my Childhood,” poems by Stephen Page, have been published in Last Leaves’ first issue (on pages 78 and 101). Download the .pdf to read the magazine (for free). Check out the whole issue.