: if a bug drowns in your coffee, should you still drink it? :

the whirly girl

Heck, you might as well, because ground coffee is already full of bug fragments and I’m not kidding. I wish I was, though.

If you’re wondering how that’s even possible, please, allow me to explain. I did a little research and discovered the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) makes allowances for a certain amount of bugs and bug bits in our food; they’re vaguely labeled as ‘unavoidable defects.’ And they’re not just in coffee, either. Bugs are everywhere and in all kinds of foods — from peanut butter to frozen broccoli. Even chocolate. Surprise, right?

I’d no idea such a policy existed until I fished a gnat out of my morning coffee and faced a prickly conundrum: should I drink it or pour it out? Well, coffee’s pricey; I drank it. Oh, what, you wouldn’t? I took the bug out first, a teeny-weeny thing just a little bigger than…

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