#121—the autumn print issue is here! With Stephen Page

hedgerow: a journal of small poems

the autumn print issue is now out! available to purchase at the link below—

hedgerow #121, the autumn print issue, 2017


the current issue features work by over 70 poets & artists; with beautiful examples of haibun, cherita, haiku sequence, yotsumono, rengay, rengay art, haiga, and more. always grateful to contributors & readers alike, without your continued support this publication would not be thriving! please note—the subm. deadline for the upcoming winter print issue is 30th november.


with love & kindness,

Caroline Skanne,
founding editor

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haiku and senryu by Stephen Page on the zen space

haiku and senryu by Stephen Page on the zen space

Stephen Page

in a vacant lot
among broken red bricks
shaded sparrows sing


mocking bird calls
from a thick evergreen bush –
a sparrow steers clear


the car almost empty –
the boy slouched across from me
spitting out rap tunes


sunday evening –
so long
between trains


sitting on a train
wishing I could smoke –
the horrendous smells

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