The Legend Of The Wood

The Legend Of The Wood

Published on Excavating the Underground

We all have our stories to tell.

The weak and the strong, the rich

And the poor, the old and the young.

Which story do you have to tell, and

From which point-of-view do you wish to person?

Losing water from the beauty of river bank

The One appears in a world

Of blindness traversed by feeling

The leaves on the corn plants and following

The rows, then stumbling through the bean plants,

And wading through the wheat.

The shore beats me to the Salty River

And spills its angled plots of produce

Into the muck of eoned knowledge.

I race like a cloud to see everything

And forget that I am only dissipating.

She waits under the sheet of night,

Upon the bank of the river,

Lying among the reeds,

Naked, wet with sweat, asleep,

Fingernails combing her pubes,

My name upon her lips, the tip

Of her tongue tapping the ‘t’

After the serpent hiss of ‘s’,

The shudder releasing her dream.

Her name is Legend of the Wood

The Lady of the Violets;

Her name, soon to be forgotten.

By Stephen Page

The Timbre of Sand by Stephen Page

The Timbre of Sand, by Stephen Page

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The Timbre of Sand Back Cover comments
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The Timbre of Sand

By Stephen Page

 further comments

“The poet chooses to make the sonnet form contemporary and succeeds in creating a powerful and distinctive music . . . Keats-like in the sensuous attention to language and its cadences, The Timbre of Sand adds to our consciousness of the world and nourishes us in the process. With his first book, Page makes an impressive debut that deserves an enthusiastic audience.”

                                                      —–Colette Inez – author of Clemency and Naming the Moons

“He is able to take a microcosm and create a universe . . . I find his ear for language the caliber of some of the finest poets.”

—–Ernesto Sabato – author of On Heroes and Tombs and The Tunnel

“His poetry is distinguished.”

—–Raymond Kennedy – author of The Bitterest Age and Lulu Incognito

“It is as good and as stylish as any I have read in Atlantic Monthly or the New Yorker. Steve will only continue to grow in his craft. He is a writer of unusual promise.”

—–Leonard G. Shurtleff – writer for The Economist

Page should be applauded. It is always of interest to see how today’s poets approach strong measures, and the quantity of his one straight shot is impressive, not to mention quite good quality. It definitely makes for a very nice song.

—–Shaadi Khoury – The New York Spectacle

“Full of science, philosophy, mathematics, and meter.”

—-Jennifer Chris – The Detroit Chronicle