Researching and The Pain from my Childhood

“Researching” and “The Pain from my Childhood,” poems by Stephen Page, have been published in Last Leaves’ first issue (on pages 78 and 101). Download the .pdf to read the magazine (for free). Check out the whole issue.

Dormant and Platonic Solids

On Phoebe

Featuring Stacie Denetsosie 
We have a spectacular short story from Stacie Denetsosie, a Diné fiction writer and poet, who shares her culture to enact ceremony through the craft of storytelling. Read her story “Dormant” here.
And we can’t forget to mention phoebe‘s beautiful artwork, like “Platonic Solids” by artist Kyle Cromer. 









Noctua Review XII (with a poem by Stephen Page)

Noctua Review issue XIII

Below is the link for the digital issue of Noctua Review. Check it out!!

With a poem on page 37 by Stephen Page, entitled “Parrot Plague,” which by the way, will be included in a book by Stephen Page to be released later this year.

corn cropParrot Eating Corn

(Photo of parrot courtesy of 123RF)

Noctua Header

(Cover and bird super mobile courtesy of Noctua Review)