The Philosopher Savant Crosses The River by Rustin Larson

Mr. Larson is one of the most talented living poets.

North of Oxford

By Lynette G. Esposito
The Philosopher Savant CrossestheRiverpublished by New Chicago, reveals Rustin Larson’s sense of place, time and sense of humor in almost eighty pages of artistically controlled poems.
In,By Greyhound with Grandmotheron page nine,the reader is immediately invited onto the bus with a safe companion. Larson skillfully sets the scene with the title before he reveals the details in the text of the seven- stanza poem.
Quarters slid into the vending machine.
It’s good to have a town in mind in California
when you speak of death.
The scene is set, the location is clear and the action of eating from a vending machine shows the reader the circumstance. But death?
Subliminal messages: deviled ham
On white bread.
My grandmother handed me half.
The poem triggers the narrator’s memories of sound, taste and color. He mentions his grandmother again so the reader…

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