When There’s No Stage Left

by Flora Jardine

photo “Waiting… Waiting… Waiting… Waiting for Life” by Tyler Malone

In a theatrical afterlife, the shades take over the performance halls, while post-pandemic audiences move into the limbo of the virtual.  

When the theater is dark, critics and reviewers have nothing to report. A Drama Reviewer’s pages remain blank; there is nothing to review when nothing is viewed. Reviewer is unemployed, like the actors, directors, designers and stage hands. He sits idle in an abandoned hall, watching shadows flit across an empty stage.

Life is attenuated in pandemic times. People pull apart, solitary. With social life suspended dream-life comes closer. Ghosts cluster on a thinning border. This empty stage is their place, where distance between physical and mental, past and present, player and playwright shrinks to nothing. Specters rise from past shows. . .

read the full story on Mad Swirl: https://madswirl.com/short-stories/2020/11/when-theres-no-stage-left/

One thought on “When There’s No Stage Left

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Stephen. The quote the author closed the piece with is perhaps the most haunting (no pun intended) bit of all: “We are walking through a wasteland, taking only what’s with us into tomorrow, where nothing is certain. ~ Tyler Malone” As a big, big fan of theatre–pre-pandemic, I visited London annually, and the highlight is always the rich variety and quality of theatre there–I have thought about it many times this past year, and hope it can survive.

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