Soap Box Derby by Stephen Page published inside Joyride

A short story by Stephen Page, titled Soap Box Derby, has been published in Joyride

Here is a preview, the first paragraph of the story:

Soap Box Derby

            Jonathan was wearing his blue Cub Scout uniform and carrying a three-inch square, nine-inch long block of wood in his hand. The block swung with each stride he made. He was walking south on John R Road and came to the corner of 11 Mile Road, where he stopped because the streetlight was green. Telway Burgers was across the street on the east side of John R, and Jonathan had two quarters in his pocket, enough to buy a burger, an order of fries, and a coke. He was hungry, but he wanted to get home just as soon as he could in order to start carving the wood into the shape of a race car for the soap box derby event that would take place the following  week. He paced back and forth on the cracked, crumbling sidewalk, waiting for the light to change. He ran his fingertips lightly over the badges above his left-breast pocket, and then over the Madison Heights Troop 9 bear-cub patch on his right sleeve. He tightened and then loosened the yellow scarf around his neck. The light changed to green and he ran as fast as he could across 11 Mile. He kept running for one block on John R, then turned right on Cowan Avenue, kept running till he reached Alger Avenue, and swung left. He ran to the fourth house on the left, cut across the lawn, and leapt over the three porch steps to the top, teetered there for a second, ripped open the aluminum front door with the big B on it, and fell on the living-room carpet, panting and soaked with sweat. . .

You may order, quite inexpensively, a copy of the anthology here:


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