EcoPoetry Preorders Close Soon (Los pedidos anticipados de EcoPoetry se cierran pronto)i

Hello, Readers. Preorders for “The Salty River Bleed” close on the 19th. If you are interested in ecoPoetry, ecoFiction, and two ranchers’ battles with nefarious ranch hands, unethical business partners, and big G in order to keep their land partly feral, part wildlife refuge, mottled with woods, streams, ponds and pesticide-free–and you would like your book to arrive as soon as possible, order your copy before the 19th.

Order here:

Or mail in one of these forms:

“El Río Salado Sangra” por Stephen Page

“The Salty River Bleeds” by Stephen Page


The Salty River Bleeds by Stephen Page

Bookstores receive a 30% discount on orders of 4 or less and a 40% discount on orders of 5 or more. All orders must be prepaid and are non-returnable. The bookstore should email to order.

Librerías reciben un descuento del 30% en pedidos de 4 o menos y un 40% de descuento en pedidos de 5 o más. Todos los pedidos deben ser pagados por adelantado y no se pueden devolver. La librería debe enviar por correo electrónico a la orden.

Page has three previous publications to his name, A Ranch Bordering the Salty River, The Timbre of Sand, and Still Dandelions.

The Salty River Bleeds by Stephen Page, is available from Finishing Line Press,, Ingham Book Group, Barnes & Noble, ChaptersIndigo, Librerías Entre Libros en Buenos Aires, Libros-Libros en Punta Shopping, Libería El Virrey en Punta del Este, La Bourgogne Relais Chateaux Punta del Este, and all major book distributors. Ask for it at your local bookstore and show them this card.

Stephen Page tiene tres publicaciones anteriores a su nombre, Un Rancho que Bordea el Río Salado, el Timbre de la Arena, y Todavía los Dientes de León.

El Río Salado Sangra por Stephen Page, está disponible desde Finishing Line Press,, Ingham Book Group, Barnes & Noble, Chapters Indigo, casi todo las librerias en Buenos Aires y Uruguay, y todos los grandes distribuidores de libros Librerías online.

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