The Natural World by Judy Kronenfeld

North of Oxford

The Natural World
                        for DNK
A full North moon
glides up behind my shoulders
over the black lake
on which I dream I am rowing
whose shores are covered
in crusted snow—
like a radiant beneficence,
regal in beaten gold,
a powerful friend
who understands the comforts
of wordless closeness.
It silently swings
a censer of sheen,
flings purse after purse
of spangles and gleams.
And my oars drip gold
as I raise them to rest,
the gunnels drop stars
as the boat bobs
in the swells. How the liquid dark
spills awake, as if
warmed from within!
But my stark heart—even in
this dream brooding
on your frightening diagnosis—shivers
in my chest, and my cold hands unfold
only helplessness.
Judy Kronenfeld’s most recent books of poetry are Bird Flying through…

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