Cafe Journaling at Cafe Tortoni

#CafeJournaling pic by #StephenPage by #jake_spry and #aaron.spry and #scott_spry and #baileyspry #coffee #cafeLife #cafeTortoni #literaryLife #journaling

5 thoughts on “Cafe Journaling at Cafe Tortoni

  1. I was going to say very Parisienne because it reminds me of Art Nouveau underground signs, but on second look there’s perhaps an italian influence in the ‘snail’ shapes at the ends. Whichever, looks an interesting place for a coffee.

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  2. That is a beautiful pen. Alas, I can never own such a pen because I ALWAYS lose “nice” pens. I can keep a regular ballpoint for years, decades even, but as soon as I spend money on it, it’ll be gone.

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