Palabras solo Cortados by Delfina M. Aquino

One of my favorite authors: Delfina M. Aquino Delfina M Aquino #delfinamaquino Detroit Tigers Starbucks Argentina Starbucks Monoblock :: Industry of imagineering Ray-Ban Ignacio Bárcena #kerismith Wreckthisjournal Club Estudiantes de La Plata EDLP

Discovered this book when I was strolling Avenida Santa Fe and wandered into Liberia Huemel. I then strode to a nearby Starbucks, ordered a Flat White, sat in a sofa, and read it cover to cover. This poet can write!


7 thoughts on “Palabras solo Cortados by Delfina M. Aquino

      1. There are not a lot of good bookstores around like there used to be, Barnes And Noble is still on Hall Road, and they opened a used one 2nd and Charles, that also sells music, further down on Hall.
        I prefer the the smaller intimate places, but around here there really aren’t any.
        I know the ones I used to go to closed down.
        They used to have a pretty interesting small one at Gibraltar Trade Center, but I went in there one time and saw many of my very own books for sale. I always signed my name in them.
        The owner had been to a sale I had held at my moms house after she had died. I had moved and had left them there. The owner of that place, bought most of my library.
        I had to sell all of them, because I did not have enough space where I was living at the time.
        The guy who bought them complained about my prices, which were a steal, but he was a greedy guy. You should have seen, what he was charging.
        It really hurt having to give up almost all of my books.
        Macomb County doesn’t really have a lot, I think Oakland County may have more choice.
        Any Macomb County readers don’t take offense, that is just my observation.
        There are at least two others from Macomb County on wordpress.
        I think it is amazing that you were able to leave here and create a satisfying life somewhere else, in a place that is more simple( I know the work is not so simple), and in tune to the way things used to be.
        I miss that, kids now, they don’t know how it used to be I feel sad about that. They will never know what they missed. Progress!!!


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