Kavanaugh by Esther Cross

One of the best books I ever read. #Kavanaugh by #EstherCross 


4 thoughts on “Kavanaugh by Esther Cross

    1. Hi Red. Thanks for asking. Here is an excerpt from the interview about the book: SP: Talk a little about your book Kavanagh. What does the building Kavanagh symbolize?

      EC: The Kavanagh building is the first and only Art Deco skyscraper built in Buenos Aires, a brilliant piece of architecture. The characters in Kavanagh are rich people who find themselves no-longer rich, and they are resistant to that change. They don’t want to lower their standards of living. They are living in denial, and they are decaying. They try to keep their standards of living up, because to them that symbolizes their dignity. Their resistance to change creates conflict, and this conflict inevitably leads to the climax of each story. The characters in the stories represent different types of people in Buenos Aires. The Kavanagh building houses these people, thus, the Kavanagh building becomes emblematic of the city Buenos Aires.
I think these types of situations, though tragic, make interesting fiction—people going through disaster, sorrow, and change—and the resulting actions that they take. Sympathy must be given when writing about these people, and dignity must be given, even if a few characters are not perfect or even good hearted.

      SP: Kavanagh is a collection of short stories, but it works like a novel. The narrator’s voice is quite evident throughout the collection. Was that arbitrary, or your plan?

      EC: When I first started writing those stories, I did not know they would be so connected, but after I finished the third story, I realized I had a connecting narrator voice.

      Excerpt from interview conducted by Stephen Page on Ester Cross as published in Luciole Press

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      1. sounds really interesting. reminds me a bit of AHS: Hotel (just in that it’s a bunch of different story lines going on in an ageing building).

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