3 poems, a prompt + submission call–Terrain.org, DEADLINE: May 30, 2016

Trish Hopkinson

3poemsRob Carney treats us to three poems (with audio!) for his guest blog post up at Terrain.org this month. Previous posts are full of great ideas to get you writing and what’s more inspiring than poems during National Poetry Month! You can view all his blog posts here.

Response poetry is one of my favorite things to read or write. Use the themes, form, or structure of one of Carney’s poems in response–you can answer a question he poses, ask him a question, borrow one of his lines as a title or first line, etc. Just make sure to give credit if you do.

PROMPT: Write a response poem.

Here’s an example. My poem “My Monkey Grammarian” was written in response to Octavio Paz’s book The Monkey Grammarian. It was originally published by Chameleon Press in their print anthology Desde Hong Kong: poets in conversation with Octavio Paz.


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